CRAVEN KioskCraven County Wood Energy is a North Carolina based company on the cutting edge of new energy technology. They wood products, or biomass, in order to generate and sell electric power. Although Craven County is thriving, they faced several problems resulting from weather inconsistencies and equipment limitations.

Biomass is a highly variable material that fluctuates with the seansons both in quantity and quality. If the material is too wet it is difficult to weigh accurately and burn. Biomass that is too dry can create dust when it burns which is a fire and explosion hazard, and causes frequent downtime for cleaning. They also lacked an effective solution for gathering information on incoming materials that was necessary to optimize their process. Craven County needed a way to maintain production despite
these challenges, and a robust solution that could expand to meet furture needs.

Craven County partnered with J.A. King to solve their problem. In response, J.A. King’s engineers designed and implemented a turn-key, automated truck scale management and ticketing solution. The system included improved moisture control, automated weight and ticket generation, 100% data collection, and the ability to interface with any new scales Craven County adds in the future. The results?

J.A. King’s solution dramatically increased plant efficiency. It improved truck turnaround times for area biomass haulers, reduced load delivery times, reduced raw material costs, and provided Craven County with a complete data collection and management system that is scalable for future growth.

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