A calibration certificate documents critical information about a piece of equipment and details surrounding its calibration. While a deliberate amount of flexibility is allowed depending on service level options and customer requirements, every calibration certificate should contain some key elements.

  1. A title (ex. Certificate of Calibration and Traceability)Level 3 Cert Example
  2. Name and address of the laboratory where the calibrations were carried out
  3. Name and address of the customer
  4. Unique identification of the calibration certificate
  5. Identification of the calibration procedure used
  6. List of standards used to perform the calibration including their calibration dates and traceability
  7. Unambiguous identification of the item calibrated
  8. The environmental conditions under which the calibrations were made that have an influence on the measurement results
  9. Name, function, and identification of individual authorizing the calibration certificate (technician)
  10. Calibration results with the unit of measurement

For a detailed look at these elements on a certificate, click on the image above or the following link: Level 3 Certificate Example

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