Truck scales act as the cash register for your operation, weighing goods coming to and going from your facility. They also ensure that you are meeting regulatory weight requirements to alleviate overload fines.   For these reasons, it is critical that you are getting accurate readings every time.  When investing in a truck weighing system there are a variety of options including axle scales, full-length truck scales, and multi-platform truck scales.  So how do you know which is right for your application?

Axle Scales

Axle scales typically consist of a single weigh module large enough to accommodate a single set of truck axles.  These are the most cost effective option for truck weighing, but do have limitations.  Axle scales are perfect for checking axle weight for weight distribution.  Because you cannot weigh the entire truck all at once, it is considered split weighing and is not legal-for-trade.  Some choose axle scales because they have limited space; however to get accurate measurements, axle scales require a flat and level surface for the entire length of the truck on either side of the scale.  If the ground is even slightly uneven, your weight can be off by hundreds of pounds.  When properly installed at level ground, axle scales provide accurate axle weights and can be used to estimate entire truck weights.

Full-Length Truck Scales

Full-length truck scales utilize a single weighbridge comprised of several deck sections connected to accommodate an entire truck.   Truck weights provided by these scales can be legal-for-trade because the entire truck is weighed at once.  However, if you need to check axle weights for regulatory requirements, full truck scales may not be the best option.  While some full-length truck scale systems can run an axle weighing program, this process can be time consuming and isn’t ideal if you need to check axle weight quickly.

Multi-Platform Scales

Multi-platform scales look to a casual observer to be the same as a full-length truck scale.  They do however, have a significant difference:  Instead of having interconnected weigh modules, these systems are made up of modules that operate as separate scales.   This allows for weighing the entire truck as well as the individual axles at once.  These scale systems, like full-length truck scales, can be legal-for-trade.  However, depending on the configuration of the weigh modules, they may only be able to provide individual axle weights in one direction.

The key to choosing the right scale system is understanding the requirements of your individual application and the complexities of scale systems.  At J.A. King we have Application Specialists with years of experience in truck scales who can help you select the right scale system.  Click below to request a quote today!



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