Weighing equipment in hazardous areas must not only withstand corrosion and harsh environments, but it must also operate without running the risk of igniting any flammable dust, fibers, or gas that may be present. Intrinsically safe technology offers many benefits and has become the ignition protection method of choice versus flameproof or purged enclosures. Some of the benefits of intrinsic safety include:

  1. Ease of equipment maintenance. Intrinsically safe equipment enables maintenance within hazardous areas without interrupting the power supply or obtaining a gas clearance certificate, which is necessary for flameproof equipment.
  2. Provides a flexible solution to most weighing applications in hazardous areas. Intrinsically safe technology can be implemented in a variety of applications including truck or train weighing, vessel weighing, and filling or batching applications. Communication with a variety of peripherals including PCs, printers, and PLCs is possible.
  3. Less expensive to install and maintain than flameproof or pressurized enclosures.
  4. It is the only technology that limits power output. It ensures that the energy transferred to a hazardous area is well below the minimum ignition energy.
  5. It satisfies gas and dust legislative requirements and is globally accepted by
    international certification bodes. This includes FM, ATEX, and IECEx.
  6. It offers the best accuracy and safety in hazardous areas. A wide range of components can be combined in an intrinsically safe system to achieve the desired weighing precision, and it is less prone to accidental errors

The professionals at J.A. King have decades of experience installing and servicing intrinsically safe weighing systems. We offer industry leading intrinsically safe products from Avery Weigh-Tronix, Fairbanks, Minebea Intec, and Rice Lake. Complete the form below to discuss your hazardous area application with one of our experts.


Download a PDF of this article as published in our July 2017 Chemical Industry Newsletter.

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