Testing airbag system deployment through a wide range of temperatures is critical for ensuring proper operation of these safety devices when it matters the most. Our ISO 17025 lab has the capability of testing airbag system deployment in our environmental chambers at temperatures ranging from -35°C to +85°C.

Environmental Chamber (Email Version)Proper deployment is dependent not just on the airbag itself, but the entire assembly including the skin, plastic, foam, leather, hinges and other delivery system components. All of these pieces will react differently at varying temperature and can impact performance. Airbag deployment from start to finish lasts for only a few seconds with the need for precision down to the millisecond. When working in such small increments of time, any variation can have a big impact.

Because vehicles will be sold and driven all over the world and in a variety of climates, it is critical that manufacturers know that their airbags will deploy properly in a desert or during a blizzard. While warmer temperatures will cause an airbag to inflate quicker, cold temperatures can slow deployment. Testing ensures that even with these variables the airbag inflates and deflates at the exact moment that it should to protect the occupant.

Airbag Testing ChambersWe test a variety of airbag delivery systems such as instrument panels, seats, steering wheels, and side curtain airbags. Our highly trained team of test engineers can perform deployment testing to your exact specifications ensuring that your airbag deploys correctly.

Our test lab has the capability of running airbag systems through conditioning cycles utilizing our sun simulation chamber and environmental chambers with varying temperatures and humidity levels. Learn more about our airbag system deployment testing.

J.A. King is a fully accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2005 testing facility. When requirements involve using a third party for testing, our team has years of experience and the accreditation to ensure you have the data you need. If you have airbags that are obsolete, we can also handle disposal guaranteeing that proper documentation has been maintained for traceability.

In addition to airbags and interior automotive systems, J.A. King is accredited for many other testing parameters. Contact us today to learn more about how J.A. King can help with your testing needs.

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