Industrial TanksAccurate inventory control in tanks and silos is necessary for efficient production and final product quality. However, the variety of methods available is often overwhelming. Read below to discover why weighing is often the best method of inventory control for vessels.

Why Weighing is the Best Method of Inventory Control in Tanks and Silos

  1. Accuracy: Weighing typically provides the highest accuracy available (between 0.01 and 0.5%)- It is used to calibrate flow meters and volumetric equipment
  2. Easy to Use: Weighing technology never comes in contact with the material inside the vessel, so build-up, material characteristics, density, and flow characteristics do not effect performance.
  3. Serviceability: Weighing technology has better serviceability- you can troubleshoot, repair, and replace weighing equipment all while the tank is in use. Weighing technology can even sense when it needs service and let you know.
  4. Tank Integrity: Weighing equipment can be easily retrofitted to existing tanks without cutting or drilling holes in the tank that could cause leaks long-term.
  5. Dependability: Weighing equipment has no moving parts and lasts considerably longer than volumetric or level sensing technology.
  6. Versatility: Weighing Technology can be used on literally any material and does not have to be calibrated or adjusted when you switch material in the tank or silo
  7. Integration: Weighing technology can be easily integrated into your existing plant controls and network. With a simple indicator, you can tie in to almost any industrial network; PLC networks, Ethernet IP, or any analog or digital communications and controls networks.
  8. Ease of Calibration: Periodic calibration is completed without removing/dismounting the sensors and is performed onsite.

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