Could online gloss measurement improve your process?

When producing high volume hard surface floor coverings, uniformity is key.  In the flooring industry, the ability to maintain consistency across inventory is critical to avoid downgrading product. While it is very common to use handheld gloss meters to spot check product, this method is prone to human error.  Whether intentional or not, operators can easily manipulate handheld meters to give the desired reading by checking at specific locations or holding the meter in a certain way. 

We have worked with multiple customers to address this issue through automating the measurement process using an industrially hardened gloss meter.   These meters are not subject to the same variables as handheld gloss meters, and thus decrease measurement variability. Additionally, this solution can be implemented anywhere in your process to allow for scalable integration. 

Automation of gloss measurement also allows you to feed this objective data to your network and/or SPC system for real-time visualization and closed loop process control.  This data helps you to make informed decision about your process and verify that upstream processes such as curing and coating are working as intended. Ultimately, justification is built upon your ability to detect defects and track trends which will reduce both scrap and downgraded product.



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