As precision measurement professionals since 1939, the team at J.A. King has compiled a wealth of knowledge about subjects within the precision measurement industry. Take a look at some of our latest articles.

Legal for Trade Medical Marijuana Scales

The Importance of Sun Simulation Testing on Consumer Goods

Reducing Waste and Raw Material

Developing a Calibration Program

Shipment Testing – What Happens to Your Product When it Leaves Your Facility?

Finding the Right Scale for Your Operation

Could Online Gloss Measurement Improve Your Process?

IP Code Ratings Defined 

Can you Save Time and Money by Automating Your Quality Processes? – As Published in Quality Magazine

Insourcing Versus Outsourcing

What is your acceptable level of risk?

Minimum Requirements for Calibration Software

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Test Weights

Standard vs Accredited Calibrations

Uncertainties: What are they and why do they matter?

Four Factors to Consider When Choosing Load Cells

Choosing the Right Scale For Your Harsh Environment?

Calibration Considerations – As Published in Quality Magazine

Identifying and Minimizing Measurement Error

Measuring Flow: Load Cells vs. Flow Meters

Salt Spray Testing: A Background in the Process of Evaluating Corrosion Resistance

The Total Cost of Ownership: Initial Expense and Why It Matters in the Long Term

The Total Cost of Ownership: Preventative Maintenance and How to Extend the Life of Your Equipment

The Total Cost of Ownership: Equipment Repair – When Enough is Enough

Proper Storage and Handling of Test Weights

Tank and Hopper Performance and Calibration

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Counting Scale

Truck Weighing Options

Inventory Control in Tanks and Silos

The “Hole” Story: Bore Gage Calibration

Tips for Truck Scale Maintenance

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Data?

5 Factors to Consider When Contemplating an Automated Batching System

Top Reasons to Calibrate Your Surface Plate

Key Differences in Measurement Systems

Common Types of Torque Equipment

Measurement and FSMA: What You Need to Know

The Highs And Lows Of Cosmetics Production

The Right Tools Are Not Enough: Why Gunsmiths Need to Regularly Calibrate Their Measurement Tools

10 Factors That Are Impacting The Accuracy And Repeatability Of Your Balance

Metrology Terminology: Accuracy, Precision, and Resolution

Metrology Terminology: Calibration, Verification, and Validation

Metrology Terminology: Roundness, Cylindricity, Coaxiality, Concentricity and Total Runout

Testing Airbag Deployment at Various Temperatures

Calibration vs Replacement: Why calibrate equipment that can be replaced for less?

Ensuring Your Calibration Program Is Audit Ready

The Importance of Handbook 44

Determining Calibration Frequency

Finding the Best Calibration Services Provider

What Should A Calibration Certificate Contain?

Interested in more? Take a look at some of the resources we’ve compiled from some of our manufacturers and partners.

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What Impacts the Price of a Truck Scale – Rice Lake



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