TESA Micro-Hite Plus MThe Micro-Hite Plus M is a high end, robust and motorized height gauge series built by TESA Technology. The height gauges in this series include a variety of standard features based on model and configuration.

With a range of features such as a state-of-the-art power panel, advanced measurement software, and the ability for ultimate operational autonomy, a Micro-Hite is an excellent choice of equipment for any operation.

Like the Standard Micro-Hite series, Micro-Hite Plus M features maximum measuring ranges from 350 mm up to 900 mm or 13 in to 35 in. Embedded software allows measurements in one of two coordinate directions so you can get the dimensions you need. With the integrated patented QUICKCENTER technology, the height gauge also gives clear indications not only when capturing simple points but it becomes a proven advantage for the determination of the culmination points.

Building off the standard features in the Micro-Hite models, Micro-Hite+M height gauges offer advanced measuring features such as statistical analysis, customized programming, and a motorized frame for effortless height adjustments.

Features and Benefits

  • Power PanelTESA Micro-Hite Power Panel
    • Hybrid with color touch screen and keyboard
    • Refined keyboard for easy use without confusion
    • Adjustable support for optimal reading of the screen at any time
  • Autonomy
    • Rechargeable battery is interchangeable
    • Infinite autonomy with a second reserve battery
  • Measurement
    • Patented QUICKCENTER technology integrated to efficiently determine the culmination points
    • Advanced functions for a multi-task instrument, accessible to all users
    • Context-based online help to avoid incorrect use and bad results
    • Clear results to decrease possible errors due to bad interpretation of the displayed results
  • Column
    • Robust cast-iron construction to guarantee longevity and stability of the results in the long term
    • Control handle incorporating FEEL&MOVE technology for fast and precise positioning of the measuring probe

Available Micro-Hite Plus M Models and Measuring Ranges



Micro-Hite Plus M 350/600/900 (Catalog Specs)

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As a distributor for TESA, J.A. King offers Micro-Hite systems throughout all of our sales territories. Our technical sales team offers in depth personalized one-on-one demonstrations so you can see equipment in action with your specific application. For more information about TESA products from J.A. King, to schedule a demonstration, or to get a quote for new equipment, click on the link below to discuss your needs with a J.A. King team member.


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