The Starrett L3 material measurement system offers a robust solution for your force and materials testing needs. This system allows your team to efficiently perform everything from test building and automation, to analyzing and managing a wide range of test results. Starrett’s L3 systems meet the requirements of today’s engineering, research, and quality teams, with material characterization, verification, and validation.  With intuitive, efficient, and non-compromising test setup, the L3 system builds off the Starrett L2 and L2 Plus software package with more in depth reporting capabilities.

Starrett L3 Software

Similar to the L2Plus system package, L3 operates on a large all-in-one user PC for greater graphical display capabilities and better presentation of reporting. In addition to larger display, data points such as load, distance, and time can be shown in a greater graphical representation, and exported as data tables showing tolerances and statistical calculations. Unlike most other testing systems, the Starrett L3 software allows you to retroactively add data points after your test. This enables your team to adjust reporting data points after the test has completed, without needing to know exactly which data points you need to add in upfront, or rerun tests.

Features and Benefits

  • Measure stress, strain, load, elongation, extension, and time results using tension, compression, flexural, cyclic, shear, and friction applications
  • Create test setups using internationally accepted testing standards from ASTM, ISO, DIN, TAPPI and more, or create your own custom test methods
  • Measure and calculate results graphically:
    • Points
    • Modulus, Slopes and Intercepts
    • Offset Yield
    • Min/Max/Avg
    • Breaks (Rate, %Drop)
    • Peaks and Valleys
    • Deltas
    • Rates
    • Hysteresis
    • Work/Energy
    • and more
  • Options for digital I/O and control logic

L3 material measurement software can be used in combination with the following Starrett test stands:

FMS-500500 N/112 lbf559 mm/22 in
FMS-10001000 N/225 lbf953 mm / 37.5 in
FMS-25002500 N / 562 lbf1257 mm /49.5 in
FMS-50005000 N / 1,124 lbf1257 mm /49.5 in
FMD-10K10,000 N / 2,250 lbf1270 mm /50 in
FMD-30K30,000 N / 6,750 lbf1245 mm /49 in
FMD-50K50,000 N / 11,250 lbf1220 mm /48 in


L3 Software Introduction

L3 Software Data Management

L3 Software System Settings

L3 Software Security Settings

L3 Software Test Analysis

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