Starrett FMS 500Designed for use with Starrett L2 and L2 Plus and S2 software packages, FMx series test frames offer a variety of features and benefits to perform thorough and efficient force testing for your operation. This includes a Windows tablet pre-loaded with either L2 and/or S2 or an all-in-one PC pre-loaded with the L2 Plus software package.

Starrett test frames are built with high quality materials, including a granite base, with all metal columns and pre-loaded ball screws making them inherently stiff. In addition, these frames feature optional digital I/O and selectable data sampling between 5-1000 Hz. FMS test frames are compatible with Starrett MLC, or FLC load censors and FMD test frames are compatible with Starrett ULC, MLC, and FLC load sensors which are IEEE 1451.4 compliant.

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for tension, compression, flexural, cyclic and shear testing applications
  • Use with Starrett L2 Force Measure software or S2 Spring Measurement software on our Windows®-based tablet PC
  • Use with Starrett L2 Plus Force Analysis software on our Windows®-based all-in-one computer
  • Superior frame stiffness and position control
  • ULC, MLC and FLC load cell sensors are IEEE 1451.4 compliant and supplied with a factory Certificate of Calibration
  • Data sampling from 5 to 1000 Hz
  • USB Communications
  • Wide selection of test fixtures and accessories

Take a look at the Starrett FMx series test frames available through J.A. King:

Test Frame ModelForce/Load Cell CapacityVertical Test SpaceSoftware Compatibility
FMS-500500 N/112 lbf559 mm/22 inL2/L2Plus/S2
FMS-10001000 N/225 lbf953 mm / 37.5 inL2/L2Plus/S2
FMS-25002500 N / 562 lbf1257 mm /49.5 inL2/L2Plus/S2
FMS-50005000 N / 1,124 lbf1257 mm /49.5 inL2/L2Plus/S2
FMD-10K10,000 N / 2,250 lbf1270 mm /50 inL2/L2Plus/S2
FMD-30K30,000 N / 6,750 lbf1245 mm /49 inL2/L2Plus/S2
FMD-50K50,000 N / 11,250 lbf1220 mm /48 inL2/L2Plus/S2


Starrett FMS Series Brochure

Starrett FMD Series Brochure

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