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Since 1880, the L.S. Starrett company has been manufacturing a wide variety of precision tools and gages designed to provide a top quality solution for your measurement needs. Offering everything from dimensional hand tools to force and material measurement equipment, J.A. King proudly represents Starrett products throughout our entire network of calibration laboratories.

Our technical sales staff work closely with vendor representatives and are trained to help you find the right equipment for any application.  Take a look at the products J.A. King offers from Starrett:

Force and Material Measurement Systems

FMx Series Test FramesFMS Test Frame (Download Brochure)
FMD Test Frame (Download Brochure)
FMM Test Frame (Download Brochure)
MMx Series Test FramesMMS Test Frame (Download Brochure)
MMD Test Frame (Download Brochure)
L1 Force Measurement SystemsL1 Force Measurement Systems (Brochure)
L2 Force Measurement SoftwareL2 Measurement Systems (Download Brochure)
L2 Plus Force Measurement SoftwareL2P Measurement systems (Download Brochure)
L3 Materials Measurement SoftwareL3 Measurement Systems (Download Brochure)
S2 Spring Testing Software
Starrett Load Cell Sensors
Starrett Test Frame AccessoriesStarrett Grips and Accessories (Catalog)


Precision Measuring Tools

Slide Calipers
Height Gages
Depth Gages
Linear Indicators
Bore Gages
Precision Rules
Precision Levels
Webber Gage Blocks

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