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ShapeGrabber, a pioneer in field of the 3D measurement equipment, has been producing industrial 3D scanner systems for over 20 years. Their state-of the-art inspection equipment is the “next generation” in measuring and mapping complex shapes and features. ShapeGrabber makes it possible to measure many complex parts or materials such as injection molded plastics and castings that would otherwise be too time consuming, costly, or difficult to measure.

In 2014, ShapeGrabber became a subsidiary of Quality Vision International, the world’s largest vision metrology system company. As a proud distributor for QVI and Shapegrabber, J.A. King offers the full line of ShapeGrabber 3D measurement systems across our entire network of calibration laboratories in the U.S. Our technical sales staff work closely with vendor representatives and are trained to help you find the right equipment for any application. Take a look at the products J.A. King offers from ShapeGrabber:

Automated 3D Scanners


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