ZONE3 Software

ZONE3 Metrology Software applies QVI’s decades of multisensor expertise to your OGP measuring systems. ZONE3 offers full 3D CAD-based programming and exhaustive geometric measurement capabilities. It can run systems with video, laser, touch,micro and scanning probes, and rotaries – all in one . Each sensor is fully integrated and ready to use- enabling you to select the best sensor to measure each part feature. ZONE3 is easy to use and offers a variety of features to maximize productivity.

Zone3 UI

Ease of Use:

  • User-friendly interface clearly displays relationships between parts, sensors, alignments, and machine tooling
  • All key features are arranged logically and in view at all times- everything you need to control your system is on one monitor
  • Visual previews show the anticipated results of user commands so common errors are avoided
  • ASME Y14.5 compliant embedded GD&T evaluation with animated tolerance zones and simultaneous requirement analysis for a variety of standards (ISO, DIN, etc.)
  • Portal software puts all software platforms including the Internal Calibration Engine (ICE), SPC Software, and more on in one centralized module.


Zone3 UI

Maximize Productivity:

  • Automatic routine generation utilizing CAD models significantly reduces the time required to build routines
  • Snapshot Parallel Processing enables every feature in the entire field of view to be measured simultaneously
  • Apply to Similar feature copies steps for similar features in the CAD model for fast programming
  • Calibration data stored in ICE allows for probes to be calibrated ahead of time to eliminate time consuming qualifications mid routine

For the legacy OGP user, ZONE3’s translator converts MeasureMind3D programs automatically. Want ZONE3 on your system but reluctant to give up your current platform? QVI’s Portal allows you to operate both and the ICE calibration module applies calibration data to both platforms. This requires only one calibration for the machine, not each software platform.


Schedule a time to speak with your local Application Specialist to learn how ZONE3 can help you maximize the capability of your OGP system.


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