StarLite 200-300

RAM StarLite 200-300The StarLite 200, 250, and 300 models offer high performance dimensional measurement on a workbench setting. Similar to the other models in this series, the larger capacity systems offer reliable video measurement system combining fully automatic measurements with easy to use manual stage motion. The robust stage, motorized zoom optics and high resolution digital camera provide the accuracy you expect from a high performance measurement system.

StarLite 150 is an excellent choice for inspection and measurement applications within the plastics, medical equipment and parts, automotive, aerospace, electronics industries and more.

Features and Benefits

  • High-resolution digital color camera
  • Precision zoom optics
  • Mechanical bearing XYZ stages
  • Magnification ranges from 35x to 535x
  • Side-mounted Z axis adjustment
  • Coarse/fine XY adjustments
  • Granite construction
StarLite 200 | 250 | 300 Measuring Ranges (mm)
StarLite 200200150150
StarLite 250300150150
StarLite 300300300150

StarLite 200-300 (Data Sheet)
StarLite Product Line (Brochure)

As a distributor for QVI RAM, J.A. King offers StarLite systems throughout all of our sales territories. For more information about the RAM products we offer, or to get a quote for new equipment, click on the link below to discuss your needs with a J.A. King team member.


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