With loads of features and automatic dimensional measurement, SprintMVP provides the best automatic vision measurement solution for the best price.

SprintMVP 200-300


SprintMVP fits on a workbench and provides stage travels as large as 12″ x 12″. Use the handy joystick to move the part and optics. Precise autofocus speeds throughput and improves repeatability. Run programs for all your parts to keep your quality in control.

SprintMVP Features:

  • 0.5-micron XYZ axis scales
  • LED back light
  • VectorLight™ ring light
  • Optional LED on-axis illumination

Learn more about the SprintMVP 200-300

SprintMVP 400-600sprint-mvp-400

Three-Axis Measurement for Larger Parts and Assemblies

The SprintMVP 400 floor model systems provide three-axis measurement for larger parts or assemblies and a large number of small parts at one time. Programmable zoom optics combined with all LED illumination and a color camera provide magnified viewing up to 175x with standard optics.

SprintMVP Features:

  • Stage travels to 18″ x 18″
  • Mechanical bearing XYZ stages
  • LED VectorLight ring light with 6 rings and 8 quadrants
  • Rigid granite base ensures measurement accuracy and repeatability

SprintMVP 400 systems have a granite base and a cantilever design that allows easy access to the XY stage. Learn more about the SprintMVP 400-600.

Also, learn more abour the larger SprintMVP 1500-1552.

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