SprintMVP 400-600

RAM SprintMVP 400-600RAM SprintMVP 400-600 models are large capacity fully automatic, three-axis dimensional measuring systems featuring high precision and capacity in a compact footprint.

Ideal for larger parts or assemblies and a large number of small parts at one time, these floor standing systems have a larger capacity than the smaller 200-300 systems in the series, but with the same excellent measuring capabilities. Programmable zoom optics combined with all LED illumination and a color camera provide magnified viewing up to 175x with standard optics.

Features and Benefits

  • Modernized zoom lens optics with high resolution digital camera
  • Stage travels to 18″ x 18″
  • Mechanical bearing XYZ stages
  • LED VectorLight ring light with 6 rings and 8 quadrants
  • Rigid granite base ensures measurement accuracy and repeatability
  • Powered by Measure-X® Metrology Software
SprintMVP 400 | 600 Measuring Ranges (mm)
SprintMVP 400450450150
SprintMVP 400 with Ext. Z-axis450450300
SprintMVP 600610450150

SprintMVP 400-600 (Data Sheet)

SprintMVP Product Line (Brochure)

As a distributor for QVI RAM, J.A. King offers SprintMVP systems throughout all of our sales territories. For more information about the RAM products we offer, or to get a quote for new equipment, click on the link below to discuss your needs with a J.A. King team member.


Interested in calibration services for this or other similar products? Take a look at the dimensional calibration services offered by J.A. King.

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