SparkMVP 400-600

RAM Spark 400-600RAM SparkMVP 400 and 600 models are large capacity dimensional measuring systems designed for measurement of small parts of features. An optional extended Z-axis provides added range for larger parts.

Building off the other models in the SparkMVP series, the 400 and 600 models offer an assortment of standard features and are an excellent addition to your quality or inspection laboratory.

Features and Benefits

  • High resolution fixed lens optical system and digital megapixel metrology camera with 3:1 digital zoom
  • Configurable objective lenses for 1.0X to 10X optical magnification range
  • Optional through-the-lens (TTL) laser, touch probe and grid projector for multisensor versatility
  • Optional 300 mm Z-axis for extended measuring volume
  • Granite base and column for stability with precision CNC X,Y,Z stages
  • Powered by Measure-X® Metrology Software
SparkMVP 400 | 600 Measuring Ranges (mm)
SparkMVP 400450450150
SparkMVP 600610450150

SparkMVP 400-600 (Data Sheet)

SparkMVP Product Line (Brochure)

As a distributor for QVI RAM, J.A. King offers SparkMVP systems throughout all of our sales territories. For more information about the RAM products we offer, or to get a quote for new equipment, click on the link below to discuss your needs with a J.A. King team member.


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