QVI Optical Comparators and Horizontal Video Systems

QVI offers the latest in optical comparator technology. Founded in 1983, Certified Comparator Products, was acquired by Quality Vision International (QVI) in 2005 and currently offers a range of optical comparator products. They were the first optical comparator company to introduce an all LED light driven machine, and offer machines with 14”, 16”, 20” and 30” viewable screens. These machines feature industry leading internal edge detection for both accuracy and speed, reducing operator variation and decreasing inspection time. Additionally, E-Check software allows for full automation of their motorized machines.

VIDI-Probe, the latest offering, brings video measurement into the comparator world with the ability to use your comparator screen when you need to see a larger field of view. This technology provides automated edge detection and gathers many data points per measurement, allowing for filtering to remove unwanted burs and contamination.

J.A. King is a proud distributor of QVI optical comparator products across our entire network of calibration laboratories in the U.S. Our technical sales staff work closely with vendor representatives and are trained to help you find the right equipment for any application.  Take a look at the products J.A. King offers:

Optical Comparators

CC-14 Optical ComparatorView/Download Data Sheet
CC-16 Optical ComparatorView/Download Data Sheet
CC-20 Optical ComparatorView/Download Data Sheet 
CC-30 Optical ComparatorView/Download Data Sheet 

Video Measurement Systems

C-Vision Contour ProjectorView/Download Data Sheet
C-Vision Contour Projector – LightView/Download Data Sheet
C-Vision Contour Projector – FloorView/Download Data Sheet

Shaft Measurement Systems

TurnCheckView/Download Data Sheet


Interested in getting a quote for a optical comparator or horizontal video measurement system  from J.A. King? Click on the link below for pricing or to request a demonstration.


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