Fusion 400 Large Field of View

Fusion Web eThe QVI Fusion 400 is the most sophisticated high performance multisensor dimensional measuring system in the world. This innovative large field-of-view (LFOV) system combines power, speed, and versatility. Its large stage has a generous 350x250x250mm measurement volume able to accommodate multiple or large parts.

When placed on the stage, the AutoID technology will identify previously programmed parts and automatically run your scheduled measurement routine.  If you place a new component on the stage, FeatureExtractor™ will analyze it and display the basic geometry without any additional programming.  The system also features High Mag optical with autofocus to capture small features up-close.

What really sets the QVI Fusion apart from other systems is the ability of optics, touch probes, and interferometric lasers to all occupy the same space.  This is made possible by the precision rotational deployment mechanism which allows for the full stage travel of each sensor.


The Fusion 400 comes equipped with the QVI ZONE3® premium CAD-based 3D metrology software which features a clear, simple user interface, and supports simultaneous use of multiple sensors making the appropriate tools available for complex measurement tasks.

Features and Benefits

  • LFOV performance – Dual optical paths — low mag with 100 mm viewing area and high mag for small feature measurement and autofocus
  • Multisensor versatility – Optional touch probe, TeleStar® TTL laser, micro-probe, continuous contact scanning probe, and 4th and 5th axis rotary indexers
  • ZONE3® productivity – 3D CAD-based metrology software, with integral AutoID and AutoMeasure functions, ideal for LFOV optics


Fusion 400 Measuring Ranges/Travel
X Axis350 13.77
Y Axis250 9.84
Z Axis250 9.84
  • Overall Equipment Size and Footprint
    • Max Height: 2440 mm (96.06 in)
    • Max Width: 1280 mm (50.39 in)
    • Max Depth: 1435 mm (56.49 in)
    • Weight: 2100 Kg (4629.70 lbs)
  • Power Requirements: 115/230 vac, 50/60 Hz 1 phase, 700 W
  • Software Options:
    • Metrology Software: ZONE3 Pro, ZONE3 Offline


QVI Fusion (Product Brief)

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