FlexPoint Multisensor Systems

OGP FlexPoint 7.7.6Today’s manufacturing environment increasingly requires the ability to measure small, complex features on large parts and assemblies with high throughput. Many of these features present challenges for traditional CMMs. Enter the QVI FlexPoint. The FlexPoint combines multisensor measurement technology with coordinate measuring to provide unrivaled versatility for dimensional measurement of large parts.

The FlexPoint offers the unique ability of deploying both tactile and noncontact sensors simultaneously while being driven from a single, CAD compatible software package. Available sensors include the traditional touch trigger and continuous contact scanning probes, a large working distance, high resolution point line laser, video, and white light sensors.

OGP FlexPoint Sensors

The VersaFlex articulating head provides for up to three simultaneous sensors. This significantly reduces downtime due to reduced trips to the change rack, as is the need for recalibration each time a sensor is utilized.

Zone3 UIThe FlexPoint is powered by QVI’s cutting edge ZONE3 software. ZONE3 provides full 3D CAD programming with a user-friendly yet powerful graphical interface. ZONE3 is also compliant with numerous industry standards for GD&T analysis including ISO, ASME, and JIS. FlexPoint systems feature high quality construction, including active temperature compensation to ensure shop-floor performance. In addition to durability, the unique design enables a large measuring volume within a small footprint.

Three base platforms of the FlexPoint are offered. Our experienced Application Specialists can assist you in selecting the appropriate configuration and sensors for your unique application.

Advantages of the FlexPoint include:

  • Immediate availability of up to three sensors- use the sensor you need when you need it!
  • QVI exclusive Internal Calibration Engine minimizes the needed for stylus recalibration
  • Accurate enough for the QA lab yet rugged enough for the floor
  • Powerful and intuitive ZONE3 software


Available Models

  • FlexPoint 7.7.6
  • FlexPoint 9.12.8
  • FlexPoint 12.30.10
  • Contact for full availability

Schedule a consultation with an Application Specialist to discuss how your operation can take advantage of the increased precision, flexibility, and speed a FlexPoint provides. We would love to provide a live demonstration for you!


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