Cobra 2D

Cobra 2D Laser ScannerThe Cobra 2D is a portable laser scanning system that provides high resolution linear profiles such as surface height information. Utilizing a low power laser light to scan the surface, it is ideal for fragile or pliable parts that have critical surface contours. The 2D laser scanner model can efficiently measure height, length, slope, and radius of an object.

Features and Benefits:

  • Measures profiles in X & Z axis
  • Laser Scanning resolution to 5 micro inches
  • Versatile system can be used on benchtop or place directly on part
  • QVI Scan-X® Metrology software offers an easy-to-use graphical interface

QVI Scan-X software makes scanning easy. View and analyze scans for the dimensional information you need. The heart of the system is field proven DRS™ (Digital Range Sensor) technology, combined with accurate motor control, and data analysis software. Since Cobra 2D scans by moving the DRS sensor over the surface, no special fixturing is required. Cobra is portable. When used with a laptop computer, you can take it where you need it.

Cobra Maximum Scan Length (mm)
Cobra 2D50
Cobra 3D10050

Cobra 2D/3D (Data Sheet)

As a distributor for QVI RAM, J.A. King offers Cobra 2D laser scanning systems throughout all of our sales territories. For more information about the RAM products we offer, or to get a quote for new equipment, click on the link below to discuss your needs with a J.A. King team member.


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