CC-14 Optical Comparator

CCP-CC14 Optical ComparatorThe CC-14 is a high quality benchtop optical comparator offered by CCP. It’s designed for quality measurement either in the lab or on the shop floor and offers a range of innovative options allowing you to configure a system to your specific needs. As with other models in the CC series of optical comparators, the 14 inch diameter screen displays crisp, evenly illuminated images at every magnification.

Available with TruLight all-LED illumination, utilize variable lighting intensities for optimal performance. In addition, with ergonomic controls at your fingertips, you can complete your applications fatigue free.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • 14 inch diameter screen
  • Rigid, all-steel heavy duty cast aluminum worktable
  • Telecentric projection lenses from 10x – 100x magnification
  • Keep lenses safe and ready for use with the 3 position internal lens turret
  • Bright green LED profile light (standard)
  • Optional oblique, TruLight ring light with variable intensity
  • Optional TruLight TTL surface light with variable intensity

Available Options and Accessories

  • Extended X-axis travel
  • Adjustable direct projection iris
  • Digital video screen image capture
  • EdgeScan internal automatic edge detection (requires a Quadra-Chek or Q-Touch DRO)
  • Projectron® automatic grayscale edge detection (requires a Q-Check DRO)
  • VidiProbe™ Video Measurement with turret mounted camera and Measure-X 2D software
  • Fixture and calibration reticles
  • Fresnel lens
  • Overhead light shield
  • Glass and plastic overlay charts
  • Heavy duty cabinet stand with storage space
  • Ergonomic, motorized adjustable height stand
  • Service and support contracts

Optional Software

  • Measure-X® 2D Metrology Software
  • MeasureFit® Plus
  • SmartReport® with real-time statistics
  • Quadra-Chek® QC-Wedge (requires Microsoft® Excel™)
  • eChek™ Metrology Software

CC-14 Contour Projector (Data Sheet)
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As a distributor for QVI and CCP, J.A. King offers CC-14 systems throughout all of our sales territories. For more information about the CCP products we offer, or to get a quote for new equipment, click on the link below to discuss your needs with a J.A. King team member.


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