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Quality Vision International is a leading manufacturer of dimensional measurement and inspection products. Founded in 1945 with a storied past, the company restructured several times and in 2000 became Quality Vision International. Today, QVI operates several subsidiaries with expertise in each of their respective specialties. Take a look at the QVI products offered by J.A. King:



CCP-CC14L Optical Comparator

Optical Comparators & Horizontal Video Systems

  • Comparators
  • Video Systems

qvi snap

Manual & General Purpose Video Systems

OGP SmartScope Flash 302

High Accuracy Multisensor Systems

OGP FlexPoint 12.20.10

Coordinate Measurement Systems

  • Benchtop CMMs
  • Floor Model CMMs
Software and Accessories

  • Measure-X
  • SNAP-X
  • ZONE3
  • Evolve
  • SmartFeature
  • SmartFit
  • SmartProfile

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