Prolink QC-Mobile

Prolink QC-Mobile 1While there is no debate in the importance of collecting data, there certainly is a challenge in managing it. Multiple production lines, multiple products, multiple shifts, multiple facilities, when added up, create enormous amounts of unique data. How do you, the person responsible for fixing problems before they happen, juggle it all? That very obstacle is the purpose behind QC-Mobile.

Whether you need to be streamline reporting for multiple production lines in one facility or multiple facilities across different continents, QC-Mobile can be integrated to provide all of the data that you need to see- nothing more, nothing less.

As the name implies, QC-Mobile is designed to give you access on the go thanks to its browser-based platform. Save time and risk of data entry error by setting up automatic and customizable reporting.

Get immediate status notification of your production lines at a high level view to quickly identify hiccups in your process.

Prolink QC-Mobile 2

Quickly access data from plants around the world.

Prolink QC-Mobile 3

Ready to have the data you need at your fingertips? Contact us today and we’ll tell you how QC-Mobile would work for you.

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