Prolink QC-CALC Real-Time

Prolink QC-CALC Real-Time 1While metrology system software platforms come in all shapes, sizes, and complexities, they all have the common denominator in that they are deliberately distinct from one another. Though many platforms offer in-program statistical capability, data output, and operator notification, these programs are innately limited to only their software and their format. Many users attempt to resolve this issue by developing in-house workarounds utilizing their ERP system or SPC packages. Unfortunately, the effort is often met with frustration caused by delays, bugs, or a cumbersome interface. This is due to the simple fact that those platforms were not designed for those functions.

Prolink’s QC-CALC Real-Time, however, was specifically designed for extracting data from a metrology software (regardless of brand or purpose) and converting it into intelligible data that is useful for both the machine operator and management team. Whether you are measuring parts on a CMM, force measurement system, or roundness machine made by OGP, Starrett, or Mahr, QC-CALC Real-Time is plug and play.

With drivers written for all manufacturer software platforms, once the file output from your software is set, QC-CALC Real-Time takes care of the rest. If a part is change in your measurement system, operators do not need to worry about changing anything in the Prolink software to get live pass/fail/trend notification. Reporting can be setup so that data is not only stored automatically, but archived in the desired format and in the desired location – even emailed directly to you when a part is found out of spec.

Collect data from virtually any metrology system and easily get information where you need it.

Prolink QC-CALC Real-Time 2

Live indication of not only Pass/Fail, but other formats for your specific needs.

Prolink QC-CALC Real-Time 3

Built in features such as Gage R&R Wizard.

Prolink QC-CALC Real-Time 4

Think QC-CALC Real-Time may be the platform that you’ve been looking for? Contact one of our application specialists today and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and find the right software for you.

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