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Prolink GageStation

There’s no doubt that demands for lean manufacturing, increased productivity, and tighter tolerances are moving manufacturers to use automated systems more and more. Metrology is no exception; traditional hard gaging, hand gages, optical comparators, and more are being replaced with shop floor Coordinate Measurement Machines, video systems, laser scanners, and more.

Despite these systems taking over for many traditional instruments, there are still plenty of applications where handheld gages are the best or only solution. While the instruments may be simple, Industry 4.0 and other factors push manufacturers to collect the data from these gages.

To streamline and simplify the process of taking data from these tools, Prolink developed their QC-Gage product which, when combined with the SPC analysis of their QC-CALC Real-Time product, becomes GageStation. QC-Gage provides inspectors with much more than a point of data entry. Spec plans can be created to provide instruction on how to take measurements, entry fields for non-measurement data such as operator name, machine number, or part serial number. In a tightly regulated environment? Not a problem; QC-Gage can be configured to have the security controls in place for your environment (and yes, that does include CFR21 Part 11 compliance!). Operators benefit from real time indicators such as Pass, Fail, Trend, CPK, and more. Last, but certainly not least, QC-Gage works with any brand and type of instrument. Whether it is your favorite caliper with a data cable, wireless systems from Mahr, Sylvac, Mitutyo, etc. or a weighing scale with a serial cable, QC-Gage can be the interface.

QC-Gage provides work instructions for your inspector to minimize training while boosting data integrity.

Prolink GageStation 2

Spec plans can be laid out with images of the part, drawing or other IDs. Touchscreen, compatible, the home interface is ideal for use on the shop floor.

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