The Minebea Intec Maxxis 5 intrinsically safe indicator combines accuracy, functionality, and connectivity. It can easily control any automation process and comes pre-programmed to control a wide range of applications. The Maxxis 5 can easily be re-programmed for unique applications.

The Maxxis 5 is equipped with an internal web server can be controlled via a standard web browser. A wide range of interface options ensure the Maxxis 5 integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure.

The Maxxis 5 indicator is durable enough for even the harshest conditions and features a bright, backlit display.

Features of the Minebea Intec Maxxis 5 Intrinsically Safe Indicator include:

  • Factory Mutual (FM) system approved for classes I, II, and III, Division 2
  • Allows for automated control of weighing processes with up to four scales
  • Supplied with Ethernet TCP|IP, Modbus TCP, RS 232, and USB
  • Integrated HELP function for ease of use

Maxxis 5 Controller (Brochure)

Devices in hazardous areas require detailed attention to specification and installation. Learn more about the intrinsically safe equipment we offer and let the experts at J.A. King help you select the ideal solution for your intrinsically safe application.

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