Mettler Toledo VKR211 Conversion KitGive your existing weighbridge the advantage of reliable POWERCELL PDX technology with a Model VKR211 load cell conversion kit. This easy-to-install kit upgrades a weighbridge by using POWERCELL PDX load cells to replace high-maintenance lever systems, analog load cells, and hydraulic load cells. Kits are also available to update previous generations of POWERCELL load cells.

Features and Benefits

  • No Junction Boxes – POWERCELL PDX load cells connect to one another in a simple network, eliminating high-maintenance junction boxes and costly totalizers. Electronics are located inside the hermetically sealed load cell enclosures, not in junction boxes that are prone to failure and hard to seal against moisture.
  • Versatile Upgrade- Model VKR211 conversion kits are versatile enough to be installed easily under a variety of existing weighbridges. They use POWERCELL PDX load cells to replace older weighing components such as mechanical lever systems, analog load cells, hydraulic load cells, and previous generations of POWERCELL load cells.
  • Durable Cables – All cables are double-shielded with stainless steel protection against environmental and rodent damage. The glass-to-metal load cell connectors form watertight seals. If a cable is damaged, the quick-connect design makes it easy to replace without re-calibrating the scale.
  • Lightning Protection – The specially designed StrikeShield™ lightning protection system helps prevent costly downtime by using multiple levels of protection to safeguard your entire scale system: load cells, cables, and terminal. It is the only system tested by third-party laboratories and verified to withstand multiple direct lightning strikes.


Mettler Toledo VKR210 Load Cell Conversion Kit
Capacities Available30t, 50t


As a distributor for Mettler Toledo in several of our territories, J.A. King offers the VKR211 load cell conversion kit throughout Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and Kentucky. For more information about the Mettler Toledo products we offer, or to get a quote for new equipment, click on the link below to discuss your needs with a J.A. King team member.



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