Mahr Surface Finish and Form

One of the best indicators for the advancement of precision in manufacturing is the evolution of surface finish and geometric measuring systems. From the simple thumbnail test to interferometric laser based systems, surface roughness, contour, and roundness machines are used as the last word for many ultra precise components in critical applications.

With the rampant evolution of technology and wide range of applications, finding the best equipment for your needs can be challenging. That is exactly why Mahr had developed a product portfolio ranging from simple, portable instruments like the tried-and-true Pocket Surf to all-in-one systems like the UD-130 or MMQ-400 systems which are capable of measuring the tightest of tolerances and meeting demanding throughput requirements. Along with the product offerings, Mahr’s applications support boasts decades of experience working alongside the world’s leading automotive, aerospace, and medical device manufacturers.

MarSurf PS 10

Portable Surface Roughness

Mahr Surface Finish and Form 1

PC Based Surface Roughness

Mahr Surface Finish and Form 2

Roundness/Form Systems

Have an application for surface finish or form? Contact J.A. King and see how we can help find the right equipment for your needs.

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