J.A. King offers a wide variety of Mahr products available to J.A. King customers throughout our territories in the U.S. The Millimar Modules, paired with Millimar Cockpit Software is the best option for making a variety of high accuracy measurements.  The operator interface can be programmed by the customer and utilizes both LVDT probes and/or air gaging to provide instruction, give live Pass/Fail indication, and store and output data.


Features and Benefits of the Millimar System

  • Accuracy-for-Price-Point: Certain precision parts have tolerances too tight for a standard CMM. High accuracy CMMs are very expensive and require a tightly controlled environment. Air gaging allows for shop floor measurement, high accuracy, excellent repeatability, and are drastically less expensive.
  • Simplicity: For customers with legacy parts, they may be using LVDT and Air Gaging already with dial amplifiers or towers. Other customers have a part with tight tolerances, but don’t have the volume of parts of features to justify buying a complex piece of equipment. These gages allow them to get a system up and running quickly and easily with little to no training required. It is also an easy transition for operators used to manual systems. The software allows for parts to be saved by name and with a picture and provide operators with measurement instruction.
  • Versatility: Using the modular system, Cockpit can be changed or expanded as requirements change. If a customer is measuring two diameters with air tooling and a change requires them to add a width measurement, they can purchase appropriate instrument and module and it is literally plug and play. The software can also be installed on existing customer computers.

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