MarSurf M400 MarSurf M400 - Application

The Mahr MarSurf M400 Mobile Roughness Measuring Instrument

J.A. King offers a wide variety of Mahr products available to J.A. King customers throughout our territories in the U.S. The MarSurf M400 is the best option for surface roughness measuring and offers both mobile and stationary roughness measurement. As the rest of the Mahr surface roughness products, this item is perfect for applications in a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, and consumer products. Some applications include shafts and housing components, milled and turned parts among others.

Features and Benefits

  • Mobile and stationary measuring instrument
  • Roughness and waviness measurements
  • Traversing lengths up to 26 mm
  • Over 50 R , W and P surface parameters
  • Automatic choice of cut-off and traversing length in accordance with international standards
  • Dynamic calibration function
  • Cable and Bluetooth connection between drive unit and evaluation instrument (4 m) (MarSurf
  • M 400 C is only with cable connection)
  • Magnetic probe holder (break away probe) BFW 250
  • Motorized probe zero setting (max. 7.5 mm)

Interested in learning more or getting a quote? Contact a J.A. King team member about how to order a MarSurf PS10 product for your operation.

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