Mahr Integrated Wireless Gaging

Lean manufacturing, increasing demands for documentation, and the loom of Industry 4.0 have many manufacturers scrambling to collect more data, faster. The hurdle, however, is how to implement data collection in a manner that makes it simple, cost effective, and conducive with current processes. For applications utilizing dimensional hand tools, there are few offerings that address those factors as well as Mahr.

With an blend of flexibility and simplicity, MarCom software allows for compatible Mahr tools to not only easily transmit data to a PC, but do so in a method that streamlines into existing processes and boost productivity. Whether it is a repetitive measurement taken with a caliper or collection of instruments used in symphony to tackle a complex application, Mahr offers the gages and interface to automate data collection.

Not only has Mahr found a way to collect data from gages, but they have done so ergonomically. All instruments are designed such that data transmission can be initiated in a manner that does not interfere with easy or accurate measuring. With fully integrated transmission, there are no costly cables or transmitters that interfere with using the gage or that can be snagged and broken.

Mahr Integrated Wireless Gaging 1

Calipers, Micrometers, Indicators

Mahr Integrated Wireless Gaging 2

Surface Roughness

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