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A fifth generation family business founded in 1861 in Essling, Germany, Mahr has become one of the world’s oldest and largest manufacturers of metrology equipment. From dial indicators to fully automated systems for complex geometries, Mahr’s comprehensive lineup of technologies provide a solution for virtually any application.

In 1999, Mahr merged with Federal Products Co. in Providence Rhode Island, increasing presence throughout the U.S. and expanding production to include both the U.S. and Germany. Many of the legacy gages, air gage tooling, and surface finish products are still manufactured right here in the USA.

J.A. King provides an additional level of service to Mahr customers thanks to factory training on product sales and service. Whether you need to improve an existing fixture gage by adding wireless data transmission indicators or are looking to capture surface finish data from a part with difficult to reach features, J.A. King and Mahr partner together to provide you with not only the best product, but support for that product throughout its life.

Featured Products

Mahr Products 1

Integrated Wireless Gages

  • Calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Indicators

Mahr Products 2

Air Gaging

  • Air Plugs, Rings, Setting Masters
  • Dial and Digital Amplifiers
  • PC Interface

Mahr Products 3

Surface Finish and Form

Universal Length Measuring


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