Kordt Precision Length Gages

Kordt Precision Length Gages 1As manufacturing technology evolves, so too does the need for precision measurement across a broad range. Whether you need reliable measurement of small parts turned on a swiss lathe or the ability to measure wind turbines at the installation site, Kordt offers robust and accurate solutions.

Kordt’s Cordameter takes snap gages to another level thanks to a modular design that accommodates part material, shape, and position of measurement. Parts with small features such as groove rings can be accessed with dedicated and even custom contact points. For large parts which are cumbersome, setting masters can be positioned at the height and angle of measurement. This approach minimizes operator influence for maximized reproducibility. Certified CORDAS masters provide a more robust and lower cost alternative to costly and delicate gage block stacks.

For applications requiring dynamic measurement, Kordt gages can integrate multifunction indicators and inductive probes to capture min, max, and total indicated runout values (TIR). Have a preferred sensor? No problem- Kordt gages are compatible with any gage using an 8 millimeter stem.

The Cordameter can handle applications up to 1,600mm (62”) but if your needs exceed this limit, the Varicord is up to the challenge. With a measuring range of up to 3,150mm (124”) no application is out of reach. With an ultra-light, yet durable carbon fiber design, the Varicord is extremely portable and requires minimal manpower for accurate measuring. Able to be set on the fly with interchangeable extensions and contact points, the Varicord is exceptionally versatile. Switching from OD to ID measurement is as simple as the turn of a hex key.

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