Kordt Fixed Limit and Variable Limit Gages

Any manufacturer or metrology provider can attest that screw thread measurement in production is one of the toughest challenges in the industry. Despite advancements in metrology technology, assessing a thread’s functionality and acceptability while adhering to stringent industry requirements leads to the need for specifically designed instrumentation.

When your application requires information beyond Pass/Fail criteria, Kordt shines as an industry leader. Whether you need major, minor, effective pitch, or virtual pitch diameters, the Cordatest and Corditest family of instruments provide incredibly repeatability and flexibility for measurement in the machine or the inspection cell. With the ability to be configured to any specific application or thread type, these gages are cost effective and scalable. Need to measure ball screws? Kordt’s Cordasphere is up to the task!

If your need is to accurately gage the depth of thread, there is no simpler solution than the Cordicheck. From the economic 5311 series to the high resolution 5310, there is a suite of option to meet your accuracy, ergonomic, and throughput requirements. Have a high volume of parts to be measured? Fully automated systems are available thanks to the Transicord. To provide turnkey solution, J.A. King’s Engineered Solutions Division can integrate a fully automatic system tailored to your operation.

Product Families:

  • Cordatest (Tri Roll Comparators for External Threads)
  • Corditest (Tri Roll Comarpators for Internal Threads)
  • Cordicheck (Thread Depth Gages)
  • Cordivit (Semi-Automatic and Automatic Thread Inspection)

Curious to see if one of these products is a good fit for your application? Contact us at the link below to talk with an Application Specialist!

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