Kordt 1

Founded in 1947 in Eschweiler, Germany, Kordt began its journey in the manufacture of thread gages and precision measuring tools. Established on a solid technical foundation, Kordt quickly made its name as a provider of highly repeatable and accurate measuring solutions for in-process measurement. Utilizing a combination of tried-and-true technology and innovative design, Kordt products seamlessly integrate into current manufacturing processes to boost both quality and productivity.

Below are links to more detail about specific Kordt products. If you’d like to learn more about the Kordt brand and how J.A. King can aid with your application, click the fill out a request form and a specialist will follow up to discuss your needs.

Kordt 2

Fixed Limit and Variable Thread Gages

Kordt 3

Precision Length Gages

Kordt 4

Manual and Automatic Form Instruments

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