Torque ScrewdriversTorque screwdrivers are typically used at low torque values where accuracy and uniformity is desired.  Medical and electronic manufacturers use these tools to maintain consistent torque values on small fasteners. Torque screwdrivers are available in an array of styles including: preset, adjustable, and dial.  Being aware of the differences between each style can help you to make an informed decision.

Preset torque screwdrivers help to reduce human error by eliminating the ability to change the torque value.  This is helpful in applications where multiple torque values are not needed.

Adjustable torque screwdrivers allow for the flexibility to change the torque in instances where an operator may require more than one torque value.

Dial torque screwdrivers are best for evaluating and verifying torque.  They are typically used for quality control, research & development, as well as assembly operations.

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Interested in calibration services? Take a look at the torque calibration services offered by J.A. King.

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