KFY-1051 Yarn Wrap and Skein Reels

To produce up to 5 skeins of yarn of an accurately predetermined length and number of wraps for further count (Linear Density) determination or skein strength testing. Fitted with 1 meter, 1 yard or 54 inch circumference collapsible swift/reel. Provided pre-tension device and pre-determining electronic counter. Available with hand operated crank or electronic variable speed drive with soft start and braking for accurate length determination.

Manual Reels Electronic Reels
KFY-1051-M Wrap reel hand operated (1 meter)
KFY-1051-Y Wrap reel hand operated (1 yard)
KFY-1051-54 Wrap reel hand operated (54 inches)
KFY-1052-M Wrap reel electronic (1 meter)
KFY-1052-Y Wrap reel electronic (1 yard)
KFY-1052-54 Wrap reel electronic (54 inches)

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