SASA-9369 Yarn, Sliver, Roving Count Balance and Analysis SystemYarn, Sliver, Roving Count Balance and Analysis System

A powerful Windows based software system. Includes an accurate  electronic balance (210 grams x 0.001 grams). It calculates yarn, sliver and roving counts in most commonly used count systems, using wrap skeins or short lengths.

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The system will also determine fabric yield using King 2.6974” diameter samples or 100 cm2 samples.  This system will also provides statistic on any number of tests including totals, averages, coefficient of variation and standard deviation calculations.

In addition, the system includes all cables as well as a security data key and will connect to PC and Printer with Microsoft Windows  XP or newer via USB port.

*PC and Printer not included

For more information call the J.A. King Tailored for Textiles help desk at +866-802-6703 or email to [email protected] for a rapid response.

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