KFY-1121 Yarn Package Density DurometerYarn Package Density Durometer

The KFY-1120 models accurately measure the winding density of textile bobbins, beams, spools, cones, dye packages, rolls, etc.

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Constant-pressure indicating system assures uniform test pressure eliminating false reading due to differences between operators.Operation is as easy as pressing the spring loaded knurled aluminum shell down to the red line. Supplied in a foam-fitted carrying case.

  • KFY-1121Indentor Ball Size 2.5mm
    • Application: Closely wound synthetic, hard finish fibers and filaments.
  • KFY-1122Indentor Ball Size 5.00mm
    • Application: Average yarns, threads, fibers, etc, wound with moderate winding density

We also offer a wider range of Durometers for other applications.

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