KFY-1070 Yarn Examining Machine and Board Winder (Planofil)Yarn Examining Machine and Board Winder (Planofil)

KFY-1070 Yarn Examining Machine and Board Winder Instrument to check the hairiness and regularity of yarns, thin and thick places and imperfections. This yarn examining machine is equipped with electronic speed adjustment,  3 black anodized aluminum maximum boards (trapeziform) of 225x600x155mm dimensions.

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KFY-1071ASTM Yarn Appearance Standards

For grading yarns prepared on the KFY-1070 yarn examining machine. Grades A, B, C or D. Six different sets of mounted photographs covering a range of yarn counts (Standard Cotton Counts)

KFY-1071A  1-12 Yarn count
KFY-1071B 12-24 Yarn count
KFY-1071C 24-36 Yarn count
KFY-1071D 36-50 Yarn count
KFY-1071E 50-75 Yarn count
KFY-1071F 75-135 Yarn count

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