KFY-1025 USDAUSDA Calibration Cotton Standards

Standardized calibration cottons are available to ensure cotton testing equipment is calibrated and providing the same readings anywhere in the world.

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HV1 Calibration Cottons
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KFY-1025I1Universal Short – WeakBelow 1.00″77-81%22–25 G/Tex3.6–4.45 Lbs
KFY-1025I2Universal Long-Strong1.13-1.20″83.90%30–34 G/Tex3.6–4.45 Lbs
KFY-1025H1ELS Short-Weak1.10-1.17″82-84%30–32 G/Tex3.6–4.45 Lbs
KFY-1025H2ELS Long – Strong1.30″ +84-90%37 + G/Tex3.6–4.45 Lbs


HV1 Micronaire Calibration Cottons

KFY-1025U Micronaire Cotton

KFY-1025U1AvAmerican Uplandapprox. Mic 5.5Pack 1Lb
KFY-1025U2GuAmerican Uplandapprox. Mic 2.6Pack 1Lb

Actual Micronaire reading on pack label


International Micronaire Calibration Cottons

KFY-1025F Calibration Cotton

KFY–1025F1AmAmerican Uplandapprox. Mic 5.5Pack 1Lb
KFY-1025F2BmAmerican Uplandapprox. Mic 4.5Pack 1Lb
KFY-1025F3CmAmerican Uplandapprox. Mic 3.5Pack 1Lb
KFY-1025F4DmAmerican Uplandapprox. Mic 4.0Pack 1Lb
KFY-1025F5GmAmerican Uplandapprox. Mic 2.6Pack 1Lb
KFY-1025F6ImAmerican Uplandapprox. Mic 5.0Pack 1Lb

Actual Micronaire reading on pack label


International Calibration Cottons

KFY-1025E3C-39American Upland25.1G/Tex7.1%Pack ½ Lb
KFY-1025E11L-2American Upland18.0G/Tex5.6%Pack ½ Lb
KFY-1025E12M-1American Upland30.8G/Tex6.4%Pack ½ Lb


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