Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester

The Wyzenbeek Abrasion Tester is a four station abrasion test device. It abrades the surface of textiles or leather to determine the amount of marring and wear of the surface finish.
Each sample is held under measured tension and measured pressure. Securely fastened, the samples are subjected to the selected abrasive material clamped on the oscillating drum operating underneath the samples. Cycle speed is adjusted with the variable speed control on the front panel. The number of test cycles desired is entered on the pre-set cycle counter on the front panel indicating when the test will be completed. A vacuum unit is built into the machine. Two slotted vacuum pipes are suspended over the abrasive drum. The large volume of air being extracted from the abrasive surface keeps it free from lint and dust during operation.

KFG–2065A Wyzenbeek Mesh Screen Abradent (Pack of 4)

KFG–2065C Wyzenbeek Pressure Pad (Pack of 8 )

KFG–2065B Cotton Duck Abradent Fabric 60” wide x 5yds

KFG–2065D Sample Support Foam for furniture industry standard (Pack of 50)

Specify 1⁄4 “or 3/8” thick

ASTM D3597
ASTM D4157
FED- STD -191/5304
SAE J 948
SAE J 1530
GM 2756M
Toyota TSL 5101G 3 9

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