KFG-2320 Veslic Rub Fastness TesterThe machine is designed to carry out a rub fastness test on the surface of leather or coated fabrics. The rub fastness test determines the marring of the surface finish and assesses the amount of color transfer from the sample to the rubbing pad. The test can be carried out under dry or wet conditions using a dry rubbing pad, or by pre-wetting the rubbing pad in distilled water or a sweat solution prior to testing.

The abrasion effect of soiling on upper materials can also be tested on this machine. Using a small profiled rubber pad in place of felt pad, samples can be tested for the effect. Abrasion of shoe uppers by soiling material can be caused in normal wear particularly when wearers cross their legs and the sole of one foot rests on the upper of the other foot.

The sample is placed on the test surface and clamped using clamps provided. Pretension can be effected by adjustment of the knob in conjunction with the percentage scale on the testing table of the machine. A cycle counter is fitted to the machine causing the machine to stop when the pre-determined amount is reached. The square-rubbing element is inserted on the machined holder on the end of the rubbing head, which is lowered to the surface of the test sample.


  • Cycle counter with auto stop
  • Easy adjustment for stretching the material
  • Easy clamping for holding the material

KFG-2320PW – White felt pads, pack of 100
KFG-2320PB – Black felt pads, pack of 100


  • BS 1006 UK-LG
  • IUF 450
  • SLF 450
  • DIN 53-339
  • EN IO 11640
  • Veslic C-4500

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