Thickness Testers- Fabric

Fabric Thickness Testers – Foam Thickness Gauges


KFG-2021 Fabric Thickness TesterJ.A. King’s digital fabric thickness tester is designed to accommodate testing to ASTM D1777, option 1, with pressure foot of 1.129” diameter under a load of 0.6 Psi, digital display of thickness up to 1” or 25mm. Can also be used as a digital foam thickness tester.




Digital Fabric & Foam Thickness Testers

J.A. King’s hand-held digital fabric thickness gauge, ½”dia contacts, ½”/12.5mm range, 2” throat depth. Can also be used as a digital foam thickness gauge.


Hand-held digital fabric thickness tester, ½” dia contacts, 1”/25mm range, 6” throat depth.



Pocket fabric thickness tester, ½”dia contacts, 0.312” x 0.001” range, 0.375” throat depth, supplied with leather case.


Pocket thickness tester, 12.7mm dia contacts, 7.9mm x 0.01mm range, 9.5mm throat depth, supplied with leather case.

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