Tachometers and Stroboscopes

Non-Contact and Contact Tachometers

KFG-2201 TachometerThe Combination Hand Held Digital Tachometer combines the best features of both contact and non-contact models to accurately measure RPM, surface speed and length.

When using the non-contact mode, rotational speed (RPM) is measured using visible beam light. TheCDT-2000HD can be held up to 24 inches away from the small piece of reflective tape that is affixed to the rotating element.

In the contact operating mode, the speed is sensed by directly contacting the rotating device using the cone tip or surface speed wheel supplied with the instrument.

  • Accuracy of 0.02% with a resolution up to 0.01 rpm
  • Built in memory stores maximum, minimum, average and last reading for recall to display
  • NIST Certification included at no additional cost
  • Molded Rubber Shell provides additional physical and environmental protection
  • Supplied in fitted hard case with accessories and reflective tape

Measuring Range:
Non-Contact 1.00 – 99.999 rpm
Contact 1.00 – 19.999 rpm

Pocket Stroboscope


KFG-2202 Pocket StroboscopeInternal rechargeable Lithium ion battery uses the latest “smart charge” technology for the longest possible life and a 2-hour run time on a single charge.

  • Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Resolution of +- 1 RPM over the entire range with precise flash control and drift-free operation
  • Bright XENON flash intensity (over 1200 Lux) with life of 200 million flashes
  • Universal AC-Adapter/Charger (100 – 240v AC) with plug adapters provided for use in North America, Europe, United Kingdom and Australia
  • The Pocket Stroboscope easily measures RPM of rotating or reciprocating parts without contact it allows moving parts/machinery inspection by ‘freezing” or “slowing down” the action using stroboscopic effect
  • Provides one hand operation, yet delivers performance comparable to much larger and heavier pistol-grip type models. It is an ideal choice for industrial, laboratory, R&D and academic environments
  • Supplied in fitted hard case with accessories and charger

High Speed LED Stroboscope


KFG-2203 High Speed LED StroboscopePerfect for high-speed spinning applications, the KFG-2203 strobe can operate at the highest flash rates for up to six hours continuously on a single set of three standard AA-batteries.

Designed for maximum performance, portability and ease of use, the KFG-2203 is a hand-held battery powered Led Digital Strobe for use in speed measurement as well as for motion analysis. It is fitted with seven state-of- the art, super bright LEDs mounted in a precision-machined aluminum head with optimized optics. The KFG-2203 features a high impact plastic case with rubber sleeve that provides additional protection and improves operator’s grip.

Lifetime LEDs never need replacing, which makes the strobe ideal for use on the factory floor, in the field, or the laboratory.

  • Measuring Range: 30 – 300,000 FPM (5000Hz, max)
  • Flash Brightness 1500 Lux (@6000 FPM)
  • Produces the brightest flash and sharpest image over the entire range to 300,000 FPM
  • Lifetime LEDs never need replacement
  • Intuitive controls allow user to quickly adjust flash rate and shift phase
  • Three AA-batteries provide six hours of continuous use operation (Six Supplied)
  • User-selected units of Hz or FPM (Flashes per Minute)
  • NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate provided
  • Supplied in fitted hard case

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