Steaming Cylinder


KFG-2045 Steaming Cylinder

KFG-2045 Steaming Cylinder


The Steaming Cylinder subjects four cloth specimens at a time to dry saturated steam at atmospheric pressure. The specimens are given no mechanical restraint and there is no subsequent vacuum cooling.

The device provides a reproducible measure of the component of shrinkage occurring in steam pressing attributable to latent strains in the cloth supplied. Any further shrinkage that may occur arises from the characteristics of the pressing process itself.

The Steaming Cylinder is invaluable in maintaining good communications between clothiers and their suppliers on the specification and performance of woven and knitted fabrics.




  • Recommended by leading retailers and manufacturers
  • Facilitates prediction of cloth shrinkage in making –up
  • Gives a reproducible measure of “relaxation” shrinkage
  • International standard test method
  • Provides a rapid routine test for process control
  • Extensive use throughout industry and large retailers
  • Ergonomic design crafted in fine stainless steel

Conforms to: ISO 3005:1978
BS 4323: 1979 [1995] IWTO-29-76[E] Marks & Spencer standard test method P8

Width: 550mm Depth: 480mm
Height: 340mm
Power Consumption: 3 kW

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