Scott Crease Flex Tester


This tester is used for determining the degree of finish peeling or crazing due to roll flexing on leather, vinyl or coated fabrics.  The unit is designed with two sample clamps that can have the distance between adjusted to a required length.  Once the samples are locked in place the clamps can be compressed together to a required load, thus forcing the samples to roll 180 degrees under pressure.  Once the samples are in this compressed state the machine can be turned on and the drive engaged.  This will slide one of the sample clamps in a back and forth motion, causing the crease flex action required.  This slide length is also adjustable

Lateral Stroke =                0 – 65 mm                                      (adjustable)

Sample Size =                   50 mm x 165 mm                          (maximum)

Sample Pre-Load =         0 – 40N                                           (adjustable)

Cycle Speed =                  0 – 170 cycles per minute             (adjustable)

Grip Distance =                0 – 63 mm                                       (adjustable)

Counter Display =           0 – 999,999                                      (adjustable)

Machine Size =                356 mm High x 406 mm Deep x 737 mm Wide (maximum)

Machine Weight =          34 Kg

This machine has an adjustable cycle counter with automatic shut off.  Upon completion of the test, the samples are removed and examined visually for damage.

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