Reverse Osmosis/Deionised Water Quality System


200 gallons/800 liters per day
A small economical completely pre-assembled Reverse Osmosis Water System that includes a pre-treatment section, a high performance Reverse Osmosis Unit, a pressure type Water Storage Tank, and a Deionised Water “Polisher.” Except for the Pressure Tank, the entire system is pre-assembled and is provided with quick connect/disconnect fitting for easy, low-cost installation.


Applications:KFG-2130 Reverse Osmosis Deionised Water Quality System

  • Xenon Arc Weather-Ometers & Fade-Ometers
  • Corrosion & Humidity Cabinets
  • UV-Condensation weathering devices
  • Laboratory applications requiring high purity Water Standard



  • TFC Membranes with 98% Rejection
  • Includes Booster Pump and Electric Shut-off Valve for higher performance
  • Capacity of 200 Gallons/800 liters/Day
  • Delivers RO or RO/DI water under pressure
  • Includes Pretreatment, RO, RO Quality Monitor, Storage Tank, Post DI water “Polisher”
  • Choice of RO water for Corrosion/Humidity Cabinets or RO/DI water for high purity
  • Compact Frame: floor or wall mounting
  • 115VAC transformer with low voltage at Booster Pump


  • Larger Pressure Storage Tanks up to 86 Gallons
  • Permeate Pump for faster tank fill-up
  • DI water Quality Monitor
  • Water Softeners, UV Sterlizers, larger systems up to 400GPD

Production of RO Permeate/Product water is listed for 77º F. (25ºC) feedwater temperature. Production is reduced by 1.5% for each degree Fahrenheit below 77ºF. Example: At 45ºF, production is reduced by 50%. Feedwater pressure and quality, tank pressure, and maintenance of filters and membranes also affect production.


Deionized Water Quality Monitor for JFG-2130
Digital type, 0-20 Micro Seimens, for installation in RO/DI water outlet toequipment that is not equipped with a water quality monitor. Is used to determine when the DI Filter Cartridge is exhausted. (Micro Seimens is the reciprocal of Resistance in Meg-Ohms. 1 Meg-Ohm equals 1 M-S, 0.2 Meg-Ohms equals 5 M-S).


One year operating supply package for KFG-2130
Includes 6-PFC-02 Sediment Cartridges, 3-CFC-05 Carbon Cartridges and 3-DIC-02 DI Cartridges.

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